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Kinetic Dance Force encourages ongoing membership for consistency in training and personal relationships, both with fellow athletes and coaches.

With fees payable each term, becoming an athlete means you’ll have access to our regular newsletters, team events & private social media groups.

New athletes are invited to get started with a free trial. View our class programs below and contact our Enrolments Officer Candice, on 0421 802 303 to discuss any questions you may have.

Alternatively, click on the program you’re interested in to sign up online.

Doing more than 4x classes? Ask us about our capped rate for athletes!
This means you pay one fee, and your child can do as many classes as possible 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Our uniform is available to purchase through our dance and cheer studio! Our staff will help you with everything you will need in regards to uniform once you enroll into KDF. 

Our uniform consists of the KDF leotard dress, KDF t-shirt or KDF crop top and dance shoes (white cheer shoes for cheer, jazz shoes for jazz and pom, white hi top shoes for hip hop).

Classes are held at Concord Community Anglican Church Hall – 270-272 Concord Road, Concord West.

2021 classes commence from Monday, 1st February 2021

Term 1: 1st February – 1st April
Term 2: 19th April – 2nd July
Term 3: 20th July – 24th September
Term 4: 12th October – 16th December

Registration fee is $130 per athlete. This fee secures a place in the class, insurance, APRA, AMCOS, PPCA music licensing costs, reward system for the athletes, filming and music distribution administration and a KINETIC DANCE FORCE shirt or baby leotard (Tinys). There is an additional fee of $15 for all cheerleading and competitive dance athletes for Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation membership. It includes Cheerleading and Dance Personal Accident Insurance for the individual athlete.

Yes. This is very important as we will continue to bill you if you do not communicate this with us. 

Please keep in mind that young children occasionally do not want to come to class as a result of feeling tired, sick or just not in the mood on that particular day. This is completely normal behaviour for this age group. Experience has shown that in the majority of cases, it is simply a phase that the child will quickly pass through. Our staff at KDF are well equipped to comfort even the most unsettled child.

All KDF coaches have the following:

  • Advanced First Aid Trained for an educational setting
  • Working With Children Check Clearance.

Other qualifications include:

  • Acrobatic Arts (Primary level to Pre-Professional 3)
  • International All Star Federation Levels 1, 2 & 3 (Cheer and Tumbling)
  •  RAD Ballet Intermediate Foundation Award
  • Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts

Who knows! Our staff have been coaching little ones for many years and our experience shows that new athletes surprise their own parents! 

Remember that you have just brought them to a brand new environment, there are new sounds, new people, new outfits and we can’t expect them to just jump on into the class and follow their coaches’ instructions right away. They haven’t even been introduced to the formalities of big school yet. 

We remind parents that it is normal for your child to be shy and not want to participate in the first couple of lessons despite how loud and confident they are at home. 

Some children may watch a few lessons before joining the group. We might think they aren’t doing anything by watching, but they are thinking, processing it all and analysing the activities. 

Your child could just walk straight in and be ready to learn. As we said, “Who knows!” We take those baby steps with you to help develop your child’s confidence and social skills. 

Beginner – Athletes work towards perfecting skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels and primary walkover progressions. They learn to build core and shoulder strength as well as back, hamstring and shoulder flexibility.

Intermediate – Athletes work towards perfecting skills such as walkovers, round offs and aerial progressions. They build core and shoulder strength as well as increasing their back, hamstring and shoulder flexibility.

Advanced/Level 2 Tumbling – Athletes work towards aerials and learning foundation back handspring progressions.

Level 3 Tumbling – Athletes work towards aerials and learning foundation back handspring progressions. They progress towards perfecting skills such as handsprings, back tucks and primary layout progressions. Athletes maintain their core and shoulder strength as well as exploring contortion skills.

At KDF, we host an End of Year Showcase. This is where all of our athletes get to perform their routines and skills to their friends and family in a professional setting. All athletes will receive a medal for participation and trophies are awarded to exemplary athletes from each group. Costumes in previous years have varied from $70 – $110 each.

Upon acceptance of enrollment, an invoice will be generated. Fees can be paid online via the parent portal, cash or direct deposit. Our account details are located at the bottom of your account statement. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques.

We accept both Creative and Active Kids vouchers.

Please email these to

and we will process this for you 🙂

Kinetic Dance Force will be introducing their own qualifying scores that will need to be reached in order for teams to be entered into AASCF nationals. These scores must be achieved at any one of the NSW competitions. Once that score has been reached, it is assumed that that team is entering into AASCF Nationals in 2021.

  • Go to
  • Click the link and Create a new account
  • Fill out and submit a registration form
  • Agree to KDF policies and T’s & C’s
  • Pay registration fees
  • Collect the training uniform and be ready to dance!

Yes, fees are paid upfront, by the term and non-refundable. Administration staff must be notified via email 4 weeks in advance if a child will no longer be attending classes. Otherwise, parents will continue to be billed.

Parents with children in the 4 years of age classes may stay with their child’s classes, however we recommend leaving your child on their own after a couple of weeks once they have settled in.

At KDF, we believe it is important to keep parents involved and informed with our classes and athlete progress. Parents, siblings and friends are not permitted to sit in the studio unless invited by the coach. However, both studios have transparent doors so parents can see everything happening inside.

The coaches of Kinetic Dance Force will be providing the opportunity for our recreational athletes to compete in 2021! 

We want them to experience the thrill of competing and give them the chance to understand how exciting it can be. Recreational athletes will be competing at Spring Carnival held in October. We believe that Spring Carnival is the best competition for them as it is the most relaxed and fun out of them all! Participation in competition is completely optional but we definitely encourage it to round out your child’s experience and boost their confidence. 

Features and Benefits


Parents can see into our spacious studios through glass doors.


Keep an eye on our emails and social media posts for upcoming performances.


Athletes have the option to join teams for local and national dance and cheer competitions.


Boost your skills and make new friends with others who share your love of dance and cheer. 


Stress Less and we will deliver uniforms and accessories when you enrol with us.


Our faculty is committed to helping each athlete to reach their potential.

Kinetic Dance Force Are Proud Members Of:


To apply for one of our programs, please complete the form below or contact our Enrolments Officer Candice on 0421 802 303 to get started.

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