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Getting your children involved in acrobatics in Sydney is a fantastic way to get them to participate in a sport that will keep them mentally and physically stimulated while boosting their confidence. Due to the considerable skills required, those involved in the sport need to be flexible, alleviate muscle and joint stiffness, and relax their entire body. The need to remember many routines increases a child’s cognitive skills, which can assist them in many areas of their lives. Children can opt to take up the sport as a hobby or take it to a competitive level, even participating in the Olympics.

Benefits of Acrobatics Training

As a parent, if you wonder if acrobatics is a good sport for your child to adopt, here are some of the benefits you and your child can expect.

  • Development of coordination. Children in this sport need to have their minds and bodies working as one. As soon as they feel their bodies become unbalanced, their minds need to tell their muscles what to do.
  • Increases discipline. To perform well in the sport, children need to become disciplined in practising every day and ensure they attend all their classes. Your child can apply this discipline in all areas of their life; they will learn to be disciplined when it comes to studying for school exams and any chores they may have around your home.
  • Assists with health. There are many health benefits to acrobatics training; you will notice your child become healthier – not just due to exercise but also in what they eat. Children who take up the sport typically move away from junk foods, which don’t provide them with the energy they require and move onto healthier foods that contain the nutrients they need not only for the sport but also to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What You Should Know About Acrobatics Classes in Sydney

Before your child attends their first acrobatics class, there are a few things they should know.

  • No loose clothes. When attending your first class, if you don’t have a leotard, it is advised that you wear tight clothes such as a tank top and shorts. This type of garment allows for better movement. You should also keep your hair out of your face; we recommend putting it either in a ponytail or a bun for those with long hair.
  • Stretching. Before attempting any skills, you will need to stretch your muscles. Both beginners and advanced athletes need to ensure they don’t suffer any injuries from tight muscles.
  • Pack a bag. Once you have taken a few classes, you may realise that you require to take more items with you, such as hair ties, shoes, deodorant, and water bottles. We suggest that putting together an acrobatics bag.

Why Trust Us Regarding Acro in Sydney

All the coaches and staff at Kinetic Dance Force are fully trained and certified to teach acro classes in Sydney. We are passionate about the sport and strive to increase our athletes’ passion and self-esteem, encouraging them to take the sport as far as they possibly can. To ensure the safety and security of all children, we adhere and enforce a strict code of conduct, which includes a dress code. Should your child want to take up the sport, you can organise a visit to our studio to watch our athletes perform. Please note this is by invitation only.

Please contact us for more information about the classes we offer or make an appointment to visit us.

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