What You Should Know About Tumbling Classes Sydney

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Acrobatics Classes

At Kinetic Dance Force, our tumbling classes offered in Sydney is ideally suited for gymnasts and cheerleaders. The origin of tumbling is unknown; however, it can be dated back to ancient China, Egypt, and Greece. Tumbling and gymnastics were performed by travelling bands and eventually taken up by the circus and stage performers. Tumbling consists of choreographed handsprings, somersaults, backflips and more.

What Sets Kinetic Dance Force Apart Regarding Cheerleading Tumbling

We have a fully developed tumbling program that suits you and your child’s need and advances. We will not add a child to a team that is not physically or mentally ready or on the same level.

  • We program our beginner class to teach athletes rolls, cartwheels, and walkover progression. This class will improve core and shoulder strength and develop back and hamstring flexibility.
  • The intermediate class is designed for the athletes who have perfected rolls and cartwheels and are now ready to learn round-offs and aerial progression. Walkovers still play a significant role in this class. This class improves flexibility of the back, hamstrings, and shoulders.
  • Our advanced class focuses on perfecting the athlete’s walkover variations and joining aerials while developing a foundation.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Cheerleading and Tumbling

Starting new or even being advanced in your class can be stressful. Landing is scary and falling is even worse. We possess the necessary training to coach your child through these difficult moments and assist them. In the meantime, we have a few basics we would like your child to focus on.

  • Practise makes perfect. Practising the routine helps your child develop balance and confidence. It’s common for kids not to get it correct on the first go. At KDF, we encourage our athletes to be resilient and continue practising their progressions. Your child will only learn through failure. It’s part of the process!
  • Developing core strength is vital to tumbling. Core strength is your primary source of balance and durability; you will not reach your goal without a strong core.
  • Patience is key. Be patient with yourself, your child and the coaches. Your child will progress further and faster with patience and understanding.

Why Trust Kinetic Dance Force Regarding Cheerleading and Tumbling Classes

All Kinetic Dance Force coaches are trained and certified to work with you and your child. They all have First Aid Advanced Training and Working with Children Clearance checks. Additional certifications to specific classes are Acrobatic Arts, International All-Star Federation levels one to three, RAD Ballet Intermediate Foundation Award and Advance Diploma in Performing Arts.

Kinetic Dance Force offers various forms of musical theatre that include song, acting and dancing, and contemporary, ballet, and cheerleading. We offer parents, friends, and siblings the opportunity to come and watch a class upon invitation and require all athletes to wear the KDF uniform. Our uniform include t-shirts, crop-tops, cropped tees and baby leotards, along with correct shoes. (white cheer shoes for cheerleaders, jazz shoes for jazz and pom and white hi-tops for hip-hop dancers)

We adhere to a strict code of conduct that enables safety and security for all. We combine registration costs with insurance, APRA, AMCOS, and PPCA music licensing costs. Register today for your first tumbling class or contact us for any further queries.

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