3 Ways to Assess Your Child’s Progress in Dance

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Are you in doubt about your child’s progress? Or are you considering adding more classes or changing studios? Make sure to consider these 3 helpful suggestions before making your decision.

1. Hear it from your child.

Before you check your child’s progress, it is very important to know first if your child is enjoying the dance class. After each class, go and spend time with your child hearing stories about how the class went. Ask if she enjoyed the class, or if she learned new skills, or if it’s just simply the same as the previous class.

Of course there will be some kids who may not share as much information as you are expecting. But as a parent, you’ll definitely find the right approach to get your child talking about dance class.

2. Ask your child’s dance coach.

Don’t hesitate to ask your child’s dance coach. A professional dance coach will be willing to sit down with parents to work out any concerns you may have. Most coaches don’t have enough time in between classes, so it’s highly recommended to schedule a meeting or call. 

Of course, it is also important to know what questions to ask, and to have an open and positive mindset before, during and after the conversation. Ask how your child is performing in class. Ask if the skills are still challenging for your child or maybe it’s time to level up. The dance coach will be more than happy to share in-depth assessment on your child’s progress.

3. See it personally, ask if you can watch your child during class.

Not all dance studios allow parents to watch their child’s classes because most students get distracted. But you can always request this to your child’s dance coach so you can personally see how your child is doing in dance class. Other dance studios have year-end concerts that showcase the progress of their students so parents can see what the students have been mastering in class. This will give you a clear and objective picture if your child is making progress in dance.

These three steps will help you assess whether or not there is progress. Based on the conversations you had with your child and with the dance coach, and with the help of your observations, you can realise if there’s a need for some changes or if your child is progressing fine and no change is necessary at the moment.

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