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Ballet Classes Inner West Sydney

Kinetic Dance Force is an All-Star cheer and dance school based in the Inner West, in Concord West, New South Wales. We offer various dance genres, acrobatics, musical theatre, and cheerleading for children from age four. All our classes complement one another, and we encourage everyone to join as many of the different classes as possible. We recommend our kid’s jazz and acrobatics classes for younger children interested in cheerleading.

Benefits of Kinetic Dance Force

Our studio does not offer only dance classes or cheerleading, but both give children the opportunity to try out the different options to find their passion. We understand cheerleading skills and talents can benefit from the techniques taught in the various dance genres, and some moves can add that extra edge for a winning cheerleading choreography.

  • Our experienced coaches all have qualifications in their fields, their certification in Advanced First Aid Training for an educational setting, and their Working With Children Check Clearance.
  • We offer both competitive and recreational classes. We encourage our recreational students to enter the Spring Carnival Cheer and Dance competition. It’s a relaxed and fun competition that will give them the experience and thrill of competing with minimal pressure or stress.
  • Our Musical Theatre dance classes combine singing, spoken dialogue, acting, and dancing, which provides a great foundation for anyone who wants to perform either on stage or in film. These classes also offer performance techniques that are incredibly beneficial for students performing on stage in shows and competitions, and examinations.

Related Classes We Provide to Musical Theatre and Jazz Dance

Our studio provides classes in cheerleading and different dance genres, allowing everyone to find their favourite sport. We know that they all have techniques that can complement one another. For example, the methods and discipline taught in Ballet are fundamental for all other dance styles, as Ballet builds strength and teaches correct body placement.

  • We offer cheerleading classes for different age groups and skill levels and have both competitive and recreational teams. Cheerleading is a great sport to learn the importance of teamwork.
  • Our Jazz and Pom classes allow our students to learn and perfect unique moves, tricky footwork, leaps, and turns, along with some sass.
  • Other classes include Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Acro, and Tumbling. Students partake in examinations for Acro and Ballet. Our Ballet classes follow The Royal Academy of Dance curriculum, and the Acro classes follow the Professional Curriculum for Acrobatic Dance.

Fun Facts About Kinetic Dance Force

We are a cheer and dance school offering competitive and recreational classes in Cheerleading, Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, Pom, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet from ages four and upwards. We are members of IASF (International All-Star Federation), Australian Cheer Sport Alliance, Dance Unite Online, and AASCF (Australian All-Star Cheerleading Federation).

Contact us to find out more. Alternatively, if your child is ready to join our studio complete the simple online registration process and join our family.

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