7 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Dance Studio For Your Child

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There are many things to think about when choosing a dance studio for your child or children, and these aspects can have a huge effect on the student’s experience. When you’re an experienced dancer you might know some basics, but if you’re new to this world – or maybe even worse, if you have been disappointed in your past – you most likely don’t know all the important aspects of a dance program. In this article I will give you 7 things to think about before you ever sign up at a dance studio.

  1. Friendliness of Coaches

These are the people that will be teaching your child. Your child should be in an environment where they feel comfortable, special, and cared for. Remember, this place is where they will hone their skills. It’s important that they will be friendly teachers so they can be comfortable while striving for the best. 

  1. Qualification of Teachers

Do the teachers have adequate knowledge, passion and dance experience? Dance is something that most teachers will have started training in when they were children. Teachers should have the passion, training and experience. They should also continue their education by attending conferences, seminars, and competitions.

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     3. Age-Appropriateness

Children can be at their best when they can just be children. A studio that focuses on health and technique does not need to have too complex moves or costumes. A good choice of music should also be considered so they won’t be exposed to mature musical contents.

  1. Safety

Like any physical activity, dancing has a risk for injury. But a good dance studio will take great efforts to reduce the risks. A reputable dance studio will have a specially constructed dance floor. If a studio spent time and money in making sure you have a safe area to practise, you can bet that they’ll watch out for your safety during class too.

  1. Class Placement

Children should be in a class where they are challenged to grow and learn, but still not feel over their head. In dance classes, this will mean placing students by experience and ability rather than based solely on age. This is an opportunity for your child to make friends of different ages. A teacher may move a child to a new class they feel the child will do better in. This is a responsible thing for a teacher to do, because they should want your child to have the best dance class learning experience possible. Being in the proper class is very important for the child’s maximum growth. 

  1. Class Size

First, there should be enough room in the studio for students to stretch and move in a group without worrying about bumping into each other. Secondly, there should be a reasonable amount of students in the class so that your child gets adequate attention from the teacher. You want to be sure the class is not so full that the children move freely and safely.

  1. The Overall Feeling

 A studio should be a safe environment for children to learn and grow. Good questions to ask: Are students and parents happy at the studio? Is the staff pleasant? Is the studio well-kept and cared for? These are all signs that you are at the right dance studio.

Take these things into consideration when choosing a dance studio and you will realise which fits you and your child best. Of course, your schedule and your proximity should also be part of your decision making. 

Ultimately, you will want to choose a dance studio that suits your child’s needs and goals. Different parents have different priorities and expectations, which is why there is no right or wrong answer. If you’re reading this to help you decide on a dance studio, we would like to recommend that you visit several programs and use our tips as guidelines.

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